Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ed. answers questions from the mailbag

Ed. here. It's been a long time since we answered readers' questions, so let's dig into the mailbag...

From Wynot NE, Chris P. Bacon writes: Sometimes I feel I want to comment on Walt's bloviations, but I never see a window where I can write my own astute observations. How can I cast a few pearls in Walt's direction?

Dear Crisp: Where did you get that word "bloviations"? Are you reading some other alt-right blogger, like Krauthammer? Walt is jealous. But to answer your question, if you're on the WWW home page, just click on the headline of the post you're reading. A new tab will open showing that post only, with a window at the bottom for your comment, whether a stoot or any other kind of animal.

Joe Mamma, of Superior Bottom WV, wants to know if Poor Len Canayen is our resident hockey jock's real name.

Dear Joseph: His name is just as real as Walt's. Actually his parents called him "Rich Len" (short for "Richard Leonard") but his investments (Studebaker, shale oil futures, Yahoo and pretty horses) haven't worked out so well so he changed the first part about seven years ago.

Agnes Day, from Bowlegs OK, asks for Walt's e-mail address, so she can enter the contests we hold from time to time. And why not? First prize in our most recent contest was a weekend in Buffalo. Second prize was a week in Buffalo.

Dear Angus: Nice to know folks of Scottish descent are reading our blog. Walt has about a pint of Scotch in his veins. His e-mail address is frereuntel@yahoo.com. It would be Yahoo, wouldn't it. But don't worry. Your e-mails to Walt are just as secure as anything else you do on Yahoo.

And finally... Dawn Vallée of Dildo NL would like to know what's really wrong with Hillary Clinton. Why, with just three weeks to go until Election Day, has she gone into hiding?

Dear Red Dawn: Those are excellent questions, albeit somewhat off topic. My suggestion: use the search feature at the top right corner of the screen and/or the tags at the end of each post to get more information on Hellery's ill health or any other topics that interest you. Click on "health issues", for example, and you'll see all the posts in which that phrase is used.

Dear readers, I trust the foregoing has defogged your fuzzification. You're welcome. Ed.

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