Friday, October 7, 2016

Ontario (Canada?) celebrates (?) "Islamic Heritage Month"

Agent 3 informs us that the Liberal government of the Canadian province of Ontario -- led by Premier Kathleen Wynne, a lesbian and proud of it -- has declared October "Islamic Heritage Month". This latest step in the Islamization of Canada has caused some puzzlement (surely!) outside of the joyously multicultural Toronto, since Ontario was settled in the 18th century chiefly by people from the British Isles, plus numerous "United Empire Loyalists" who migrated northward from "the Boston states" to avoid becoming, errr, Americans.

Walt was hard-pressed to find in the history or geography of Ontario any "Islamic heritage" to write about -- there's no Mecca or Baghdad or Mohammedville on the map [yet! Ed.] -- so there's nothing to do but show you a couple of pictures, courtesy of Agent 9, of sons of the Prophet showing their gratitude for being welcomed into a Christian country, and their determination to make their own contribution to Western society.

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