Wednesday, October 12, 2016

VIDEO: Podesta e-mails show Clinton campaign secretly trying to start revolution in Catholic Church

There are all kinds of bombshells in the e-mail messages emanating from the Clinton campaign leaked by Wikileaks. Too bad everyone is so hung up on Donald Trump's "locker room banter" to pay any attention to the serious stuff -- Hellery's failure to see anything wrong with having private and public policies; her characterization of blacks and Muslims as "never-do-wells"; and her uncritical support of Saudi Arabia and Iran. But wait (as Vince Offer used to say), there's more!

Today we learn that top officials of Mrs Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign are working to plant the "seeds of revolution" within the Roman Catholic Church in the United States! Source: "Catholic group demands top Clinton aide resign over leaked emails", Hill Times, 12/10/16.

And they're doing it in secret! It's a covert operation! The e-mails reveal that liberal Democrats were involved in setting up at least two organizations that have lobbied for change in the unalterable Church doctrine. And these so-called "progressive Catholic" groups have defended politicians -- including some who call themselves "Catholics" -- who have supported abortion and gay marriage, in defiance of the leaders of the Church.

Don't believe it? What if I tell you that, in answer to the suggestion that the "seeds of revolution" should be planted within the Church, to "demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship," John Podesta replied, "We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. Likewise Catholics United." Both groups have consistently taken public stands that match the stated objectives of the Clinton campaign, of which Mr Podesta is Chairman.

The e-mail exchanges made public by Wikileaks also show the scorn of members of Shrillery's campaign staff. Jennifer Palmieri, the campaign’s communications director, suggested that prominent Catholics who are associated with conservative political causes choose to be Catholic only because "they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion.... Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became Evangelicals."

It just so happens that the Remnant has just today posted a new video featuring two prominent traditional Catholics -- Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara -- explaining why real Catholics (as opposed to people like Mr Podesta and Ms Palmieri) have no choice but to support Donald Trump, regardless of what one may think of his personal life. Watch "NEVER HILLARY", right here.

Catholic groups not associated with the Clinton campaign denounced the attitudes betrayed by the leaked emails, and called upon La Clinton to renounce them. As if! The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights issued a statement saying that the leaked email messages "make one wonder what else Clinton’s chiefs and others associated with the campaign are saying about Catholics and Catholicism."

The President of Catholic Vote, Brian Burch, said, "Had Palmieri spoken this way about other groups, she would be dismissed. Catholics will be watching Hillary Clinton to see whether she thinks our religious faith should be respected, or whether it’s fair game to mock us."

Further reading: "Clinton campaign chief helped start Catholic organisations to create 'revolution' in the Church", Catholic Herald, 12/10/16.

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