Thursday, August 11, 2016

If Hellery wins, check out the Redoubt!

Last spring, as Donald Trump's nomination looked more and more probable, and his election victory a distinct possibility, American "progressives" were falling all over themselves to find a "Plan B". What they came up with was: Let's all move to Canada! Being typical Americans,k thus ignorant of life outside of the Continental 48, they did not realize that you can't just cross the border, buy some cheap land and settle in the Great Not-So-White North. Gavin McInnes of tells it like it really is in "Advice on moving to Canada (in case Trump wins)", a great video posted on WWW 27/4/16.

Sadly, it appears now that it's not the gliberals but the real conservatives (as opposed to "cuckservatives") and libertarians who need a bolthole -- a place to hide when the Clinton shitstorm rains down on the USA come November 9th. The lamestream press are already burying The Donald with often fanciful reports of polls predicting a landslide for Hellery -- not the Big House but the White House. Where can a freedom-loving American go when the politically correct nanny statists gain control of every action, word and thought?

Don't even think about Canada! Not only are the Canucks kind of, errr, anti-American, but they're under the heel of pinkish federal and provincial governments (in Ontario and Alberta) that make the Obama administration seem like neo-Nazis! You can't even bring your gun across the border with you. As for immigrating permanently, you'll have to get in line behind 1000s of "refugees" and 10,000s of aging aunties and uncles from South Asia and the Middle East. Fugedaboudit!

But never fear! Walt has a viable alternative for you. Let me throw out some place names: Trout Creek MT, Priest River ID, Coeur d'Alene ID, Kalispell MT, Sand Point ID. Walt first visited those out-of-the-way places in 1974, at the height of the communist (= communal living), back-to-the-land movement. At that time, there was no-one there! Well, practically no-one apart from some aging hippies and a few hundred local residents who pretty much kept to themselves. Really to themselves, as in "Trespassers will be shot!"

Today, the hippies have gone back to California, and a large chunk of the Northwest -- western Montana, northern Idaho, and the far eastern fringes of Washington and maybe Oregon -- is pretty thinly populated. This picture gives some idea of why that may be.

The good news is that a lot of the people who are out there, amidst all that abundance, are the right kind of people, and I mean that in at least two ways! Some of them have come from the Rust Belt, the sinkhole that is Florida, and cuckooland California to settle in what James Wesley, Rawles -- yes, with the comma -- calls "the American Redoubt".

Mr Rawles is a former US Army Intelligence officer, technical writer and survivalist author. He's also the founder of In "The Precepts of Rawlesian Survivalist Philosophy" (not as pretentious as it sounds), Mr Rawles explains the whys and hows of moving to America's last big frontier, the better to defend yourself from the hordes of thirsty, hungry, panicked sheeple who stream out of the ungovernable cities when the balloon goes up. "Because of SurvivalBlog," he writes, "we are part of something bigger: a virtual community of some of the most brilliant people that you could ever meet. Despite our differences, we all have an interest in preparedness."

Of course the election isn't over until the fat lady shrieks. But when it's dangerous in certain areas to identify yourself as a Trump supporter, you have to start pondering the "what ifs". If you don't want to "Be Prepared" like the gay Boy Scouts, then adopt the motto of the US Coast Guard: Semper Paratus!

Footnote: You don't have to live in or even renovate an old cabin like that, you know. It's possible to buy a plot of land in northern Idaho for $50,000 or less, tear down the old buildings (save the lumber for firewood), put down some gravel and plop down a prefabricated "skid house" which can be trucked right to your lot. No permit required! What are you waiting for?

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