Sunday, August 21, 2016

9 "refugees" rape Austrian woman; news hushed up until after election

Last May, the Austrians held a presidential election in which the No. 1 issue was immigration -- specifically, the admission to the country of hordes of Muslim invaders posing as asylum-seekers. Anti-immigrant backlash looked like putting the anti-immigrant Freedom Party into office. But just when FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer was measuring the drapes of the Hofburg, 1000s of postal ballots suddenly appeared, giving the edge to the incumbents. See "Absentee votes deny Freedom Party victory in Austrian election", WWW 23/5/16.

The good news is that the vote was so close, and the suspicion of electoral fraud so strong, that the Freedom Party's appeal to the Austrian Constitutional Court was successful, and a do-over has been ordered. The reply will take place on either 25 September or 2 October.

Rewind to New Year's Day in Vienna, when a white German woman went to police claiming that she had been raped by a gang of Arab foreigners. Inspektor Katzenjammer didn't exactly spring into action. Only last week -- the middle of August -- following a painstaking (and ballsachingly slow) investigation, and careful analysis of DNA evidence and CCTV camera footage, did Austrian police announce the arrests of nine (9) Iraqi "refugees". Aged between 21 and 47, all nine had applied for or been granted asylum.

Sex attacks by Muslim "migrants" from the Middle East and North Africa are nothing new in Europe, with numerous outrages being reported in Germany, Sweden and other countries that have welcomed the poor downtrodden "refugees". Austria has seen its share of attacks, not just on women but even brutal homosexual attacks on little boys at public swimming pools.

In this case, Austrians are asking why it took nearly eight months to arrest the perps. Was the investigation so "protracted and difficult" as the police claim? Vienna police spokesthingy Paul Eidenberger said there was "no doubt about the gang rape according to the biological traces." And (they say now) what happened was pretty clear. The Arabs met the woman in Vienna's central Schwedenplatz, drugged her, and then assaulted her for four hours in an apartment where two of the attackers lived.

Surely the FPÖ can be forgiven for suggesting that the delay in arresting the criminals was a deliberate attempt to withhold the news during the run-up to the presidential election. But the cat is out of the bag now. News of the gang rape, combined with ongoing refugee-terrorist attacks and other criminal activities by the Muslim invaders, is expected to push even more Austrian voters into the FPÖ camp come the fall. Stay tuned.

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