Monday, August 1, 2016

VIDEO: Canuck expert says MH370 deliberately flown into ocean

Just as the search for MH370 is about to be wound down -- December 31st is the ABF closing date -- a new piece of evidence emerges to support the theory of Larry Vance, a Canadian aviation expert, that the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines plane in March of 2014 was no accident.

Walt has asked before -- click here for a complete list of WWW posts on "MH370" -- why the FBI is involved in the search for answers to the riddle, but involved they are. This week CNN reported that an FBI forensic examination shows the pilot of MH370 conducted a flight simulation on his home computer that closely matched the suspected route of the missing Boeing 777 in the southern Indian Ocean, according to a Malaysian government document obtained by New York magazine.

The confidential document summarizes Malaysia's police investigation into Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the captain of the plane that has been missing for more than two years. Mr Shah was a Muslim, by the way. Just thought I'd throw that in. Why would an Islamic extremist commit suicide just to kill 238 innocent people? Oh, wait...

According to the magazine, citing the document, the FBI analyzed hard drives from a flight simulator Mr Shah had built using Microsoft Flight Simulator X software. The FBI was able to recover data points from a simulated flight made less than a month before the plane vanished that pointed to the southern Indian Ocean, which is where the Americans and other "authorities" have claimed the plane went down. Why they haven't been able to find it remains a mystery.

Larry Vance, the Canuck expert, doesn't say anything about terrorism, nor does he mention the new flight simulator evidence. All he says is that some of the pieces of debris found on RĂ©union and other shores of the western part of the Indian Ocean had a specific type of erosion on them, which leads him to believe the plane was deliberately landed in the sea.

Speaking to Canada's Global News via Skype from his home in Ottawa, he said "I believe that somebody intended to take the airplane to someplace out in the ocean, and to land it on the ocean in a place where it was the least likely to be found." He added that the plane was "landed in such a way that it would sink to the bottom without any -- or very much -- wreckage appearing at the surface." Could be. As Mr Vance says, the mystery is why!


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