Saturday, August 6, 2016

Another prelate disagrees with Pope, says Muslims trying to conquer us

Pope Francis keeps talking through his beanie [Ed., what's the proper term for that little white hat?] or some other place, insisting that the attacks of Islamic terrorists being felt on virtually every continent have noting to do with the Muslim jihad -- religious war -- against Christianity and western civilization. The fact is that the Muslims intend to destroy the West.

They can't do it by force of arms in a conventional war, perhaps because they's too busy shooting at each other. So they resort to terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, hoping to make us so paranoid that we will start fighting with each other, like rats in a cage. In that they are having some success, as any traveller or would-be traveller knows. Who'd have thought that we'd see the streets of London patrolled by militarized police -- I'm scared to call them "Boobies" [watch your spelling. Ed.] any more -- clothed in bullet-proof vests and armed with assault rifles. I'd be afraid to ask one of those guys for directions!

If terrorism won't make us cower in our basements -- some folks in Europe, at least, are standing up and fighting back -- the ultimate Muslim weapon is immigration! Even German chancellor Angela Merkel, the proponent of "Willkommenskultur", as been forced to admit that the perps of recent atrocities in Germany were Muslims, with born in Germany but somehow "self-radicalized", or among the 1000s who flooded into the Fatherland disguised as "refugees" and "asylum-seekers". Same as the fanatics who killed dozens in France and Belgium.

And yet, and yet... leaders like Geert Wilders, Marion Le Pen, and (yes) Donald Trump, who call for controlling borders and resisting further immigration to our countries, are reviled as racists, Islamophobes, fascists, and so on. To my mind, they are not racists but realists! If we don't keep the Muslims out of our countries, and deport those who are already here illegally, they're going to kill us! They say so themselves...

The latest member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy to take issue with Pope Francis's assertion that the war on the West is not about religion -- see "Sorry, Holy Father, the war IS about religion", WWW 30/7/16 -- Most Rev. Gyula Márfi, Archbishop of Veszprém (Hungary) said in an interview that a desire to conquer Europe is a factor in mass Muslim migration to the continent.

"Jihad is a principle for Muslims that means they must expand," he told Il Timone today. "The earth must become dar al-Islam, that is, Islamic territory, by introducing Shariah -- Islamic law." He added that "Migration does not only have causes, it also has a purpose, such as the destabilization of Europe and the Euro. Just because we love the wolves, as God’s creatures, doesn’t mean we let them enter among the sheep, even if they come in sheep’s clothing." [Walt's emphasis.]

Further reading: You'll find the English version of the interview with Abp. Márfi on Breitbart, titled "Archbishop Warns Europe Migration Crisis Fueled by Muslims' 'Will to Conquer'".

BREAKING NEWS (6/8/16 PM) Belgian police today shot and killed a man who attacked two female cops with a machete while shouting "Allahu akbar!" Another day, another jihadist.

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