Monday, August 1, 2016

Who killed Captain Humayun Khan?

You've seen the videos. The Democrats found a righteous Pakistani-American, Khizr Khan, to make a very righteous speech to their convention, attacking Donald Trump for his "anti-Muslim" views and speeches. Flanked by his wife, Ghazala, Mr. Khan said they had made a great sacrifice for their adopted country, in that their son, US Army Captain Humayun Khan, was killed in 2004 by a car bomb while on duty in Iraq.

Why it took Mr and Mrs Khan 12 years to voice their grief and outrage publicly was not explained. Nor did the Gold Star parents have anything to say about US foreign policy, which led to their son's presence in the armpit of the world. Nor did they talk about the likelihood that, if elected, Hellery Clinton would change that policy, possibly because the chances of that change are slim and none.

Nooooo... The way Mr Khan talked, you'd think it was somehow Mr Trump's fault that their son died 12 years earlier. Mr Trump wants to discriminate against "Muslim-Americans", he said. He added that discrimination on the basis of religion is prohibited by the American Constitution, and wondered aloud if Mr Trump had even read the Constitution. If not, he said, he would gladly lend his copy for the candidate's perusal.

Mr Trump understandably felt insulted, and launched his own counter-attack, which has been roundly condemned by the lamestream media, the Prez, the Democratic presidential wannabe, and several Republicans, notably Senator John McCain. How, they ask, could Mr Trump show such disrespect to the family of a "Muslim-American hero"? Presumably they keep calling him "Muslim-American" to distinguish his from the thousands of "Catholic-Americans", "Jewish-Americans", "Baptist-Americans" etc who died needlessly getting into the middle of what is really a Muslim civil war.

And that -- as Mr Trump finally said this afternoon -- is the real point. Capt. Khan died in Iraq, and he died in the line of duty, right enough. But, Walt asks, who killed him? Could it have been some fellow Muslims? Errr... could be!

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