Thursday, August 18, 2016

More Muslim refugees than Christians admitted to USA

In this final year of the too-long reign of Hussein Obama, more Muslim "refugees" than Christians are being allowed to come into the US of A. So says the non-partisan Pew Research Center, in a report made public today.

Of the 63,000 refugees -- real and bogus -- admitted during the current fiscal year (which began last October), 29,000 are Muslims. Walt will do the math for you. It works out to 46%! 44% of the refugees declared themselves to be Christians. The remaining 10% were "unknown, unaffiliated or 'other'".

The largest numbers of Muslim refugee claimants came from Syria, Somalia, and Iraq. The Democrats have made a big fuss over the handful of Christian Syrians being allowed in, as proof that they're not discriminating in favour of President 0's co-religionists (?), but the fact is that of the roughly 9000 Syrian refugees who entered this year, fewer than one percent (1%) were Christians.

But wait (as Vince Offer used to say), there's more! The total number of Muslim refugees -- nearly 29,000 -- was also the highest number recorded since the statistics became available. This is also the fourth year in a row that over 25,000 Muslims have gained entry into the USA as refugees.

Here's a final thought. The statistics collected and reported by the INS do not distinguish between "moderate Muslims" [an oxymoron, shurely! Ed.] and Islamic extremists. Should we be alarmed? Surely they can't all be jihadis! OK, let's suppose only 1% of them are. Let's see. 1% of 29,000 would be... errr... 290. How many Islamic terrorists did it take to kill dozens of people in San Bernardino? 2. How many did it take to kill dozens of people in Orlando? Errr... just one (1).

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