Tuesday, July 12, 2016

VIDEO: Dom the Conservative tells the terrible truth about Islam

There is so much on the Internet -- on YouTube alone -- that it's virtually impossible to search for something without stumbling onto something else. The surfeit of material -- some of which is immaterial [Geddit? Ed.] -- means, sadly, that some good stuff gets lost in the shuffle.

A Kardashian says something stupid, and millions of people bust their index fingers clicking on the video. But when an astoundingly beautiful woman tells the plain truth about the dangers of radical Islam, does anyone pay attention? Judging by the number of likes and dislikes for this one, apparently not. Mind you, it's only been on YouTube since June 27th, so maybe it just hasn't been much noticed.

Walt will help that out by directing your attention to Dom the Conservative, who has something to say that the liberals and "moderate Muslims" -- an oxymoron if ever there was one -- won't like. Excuse the crappy sound, please, and listen up!

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