Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Priest murdered, nuns taken hostage in France -- Allahu akbar!

You can't know, dear reader, how much I hate to see WWW turned into a daily count of victims of Islamic terrorism. But we're now seeing attacks by fanatical Muslims every day! With the possible exception of Latin America, where the Muslim population is minuscule, no place on earth is safe! Everywhere else, radicalized Muslims, "soldiers of ISIS", are murdering "infidels" -- that's US -- wherever they may be found, just as their "religion of peace" commands.

Today's attack took place in the northern France, in the small town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvrayench, near Rouen. Two attackers were heard to shout "Allahu akbar!" as they hacked to death Father Jacques Hamel, 84, as he was saying Mass in the parish church. They then took a number of hostages, including two nuns, seriously wounding one before being shot dead by police.

Interior Ministry spokesthingy Pierre-Henry Brandet told France Info, "At one point, the two assailants came out of the church and that's when they were killed by the BRI elite force," Brandet told France Info radio, referring to France's specialized police group. Speaking later on BFM-TV, he said the RAID special intervention force was searching the church and its perimeter for possible explosives. Terrorism investigators have been summoned, he added, and the usual suspects will be rounded up.

The perps have not yet been identified, but Walt won't be surprised if they turn out to be radicalized Muslims born in France of north African parents, or -- more likely -- a couple of the African "refugees" who've been camped near France's northern coast waiting their chance to infiltrate Britain. While we wait for further news, pause to consider again the wise words of former French President Charles De Gaulle, who warned in 1959 about the perils of Muslim immigration.

The French can't say they weren't warned. And Americans? Are you paying attention? Only one presidential candidate is standing up to the pro-immigration, pro-Muslim political and media elites. And it's not Hellery Clinton!

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