Friday, July 15, 2016

How about an "anti-phobia" commissar?

Walt notes with more than his accustomed cynicism that the Province of Ontario (the one with the proudly lesbian premier), as set up an "anti-racism directorate", which held a public meeting in the Wormy Apple last night to "engage in conversation" with BLMTO (Black Lives Matter Toronto), the LGBTQ2SI "community" and all the other self-proclaimed alphabits who feel "marginalized" and/or "disadvantaged".

The Toronto Red Star reports that the anti-racism directorate's first consultation "focused on systemic racism, including anti-black racism, Islamophobia, anti-indigenous racism and racism experienced by other communities." Well, let's get this (if you'll forgive the expression) straight.

- Islam is not a race. It's a religion -- "the religion of peace", as demonstrated yesterday in France.
- "Gender orientation" is not the same as "race". (Apparently it's not even the same as "sex" any more.)
- "Communities" -- e.g. the LGBTQ2SIetc "community" -- are not races.
- People who are "physically challenged" (formerly called cripples -- thanx, George Carlin) can be of any race.
- So can fat people who are the "victims" of "racist body-shaming". (I plead guilty to having suggested that many supporters of BLM are fat white women.)

Seems to me that what the "progressives" are labelling racism these days is actually different forms of phobia: Islamophobia, negrophobia, xenophobia, obesophobia, arachnophobia... We hate what we fear, and we fear what we hate. Would Premier Wynne or Prime Minister Trudeau or Secretary Clinton or President Obama disagree? I think not!

Therefore, in the interests of linguistic clarity, political correctness and Making The World A Better Place, Walt calls on all progressive governments to mount aggressive campaigns against phobophobia -- the fear of everything. Anti-phobia departments should have the mandate -- and the power -- to censor and silence any negative expressions of any kind about any and all persons and "communities" whatsoever, including [The rest of this post was somehow erased from Walt's computer. Ed.]

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