Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Hot lesbians" ad leads to trouble with LGBT "community"

The "Canada Oil Sands Community" has been quick to distance itself from the pro-oilsands ad below, posted to his Facebook page by Robbie Picard, a gay Métis Albertan. (For our non-Canadian readers, a "Métis" is a person of mixed blood -- French-Canadian and "First Nations", as we now call Indians.)

The image of two attractive women kissing offended many of the less attractive members of the LGBTQ community. The past president of Calgary Pride, Dallas Barnes, said, "In my head I can see what he's doing, but being part of that community, I'm kind of disgusted. "Sure, some girls do look like that, but it's demeaning. It sexualizes."

Defending himself, Mr Picard explained, "We are getting fuel from countries that butcher gays and lesbians — I mean, butcher them, hang them, publicly beat them. My goal has always been to include everybody, and if I've upset half the people I'm trying to reach, then the post was a fail." Errr, yeah!

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