Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Another ISIS-inspired random attack, Germany this time

Arentcha getting tired of it? I am. It was just over two months ago that we heard about a random attack on a German train. A quick click on my post will remind you that German authorities at first tried to hide the fact that the perp was... wait for it... a radical Muslim asylum-seeker, one of the million-plus allowed into the Fatherland by Angela Merkel's insane "Willkommenskmultur" policy.

That was just an isolated incident, right? It wouldn't happen again because the "refugees" and asylum-seekers are (mostly) poor, frightened, peace-loving people, and their religion, Islam, is "the religion of peace". If you thought that, you were wrong. It did happen again. Just yesterday a 17-year-old man ran amok on a train (again) near the town of Wuerzburg, in southern Germany (again). He injured four Chinese tourists, one critically, before being shot dead by (white) police.

The yoof has not been named because he was a minor, but, in a case of "suspicions confirmed", the Polizei have revealed that he was an Afghan who had claimed asylum after travelling to Germany a year ago as an unaccompanied minor. He had been living with the foster family since moving from a refugee centre in the town two weeks ago. His last words, as he was hacking away at the Chinese were... wait for it... "Allahu akbar!!!"

After the dust had settled and the blood mopped up, police searched the kid's room and found a hand-painted black flag of ISIS. Also found, according to the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, was a text written in Pashtun which showed a strong indication that the teenager "could be a person who had been self-radicalized". The minister said those who had interacted with the young man in recent months described him as calm and quiet and they could not understand his actions. Just like the driver of the Nice death truck.

The minister went on to say that the teenager had gone to the mosque on special occasions, but no-one had noticed any radical behaviour and there were no signs "yet" of a direct link to jihadist networks. Even as the minister spoke, the Amaq news agency -- a PR outfit with links to ISIS -- said the teenager was an IS "fighter", who "carried out the operation in answer to the calls to target the countries of the coalition fighting the Islamic State."

That's enough for me. I need a few days off. I want to go someplace peaceful. Maybe Cleveland....

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