Sunday, July 24, 2016

Muslims cause more trouble in Europe and Middle East

Walt has returned from a long and blissful weekend on an island far removed from the hurly-burly of politics, race riots and Islamic terrorism. (See? Unlike the Prez, I calls it by its name, as I sees it!) I cut myself off from TV and the Internet. It didn't really matter because I knew, even before it happened, what the news would be.

Donald Trump was officially chosen as the Republican candidate for the presidensity. The lamestream media found further "evidence" of his unsuitability in the speech given by his current other half, about 6% of which seems to have been lifted from a speech given by Mrs 0 eight years ago. So what. There's no copyright in ideas, and how many different ways can you say people should work hard, dare to dream, keep their promises -- did Mrs 0 really say that? -- yada yada yada. Big deal.

In Armpitistan this weekend, ISIS claimed responsibility for a "joint suicide bombing" Saturday that killed dozens of people during a peaceful demonstration by a minority group in Kabul. An Afghan freelance journalist told CNN, "I saw tens of people laying [sic] down in blood around me and hundreds of people running away from the scene." So far, 80 corpses and more than 260 wounded people were taken to hospitals in the Afghan capital, according to a spokesthingy for the Afghan Health Ministry. I'm not sure what a "joint suicide bombing" is. Maybe people should stay out of those joints!

And today in Iraq -- pronounced "Ee-rak", please, not "Eye-rak" -- terror struck the streets of Baghdad yet again after a suicide bombing killed at least 21 people in a residential neighbourhood. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Kadhimiya, which injured more than 35 others. The claim by ISIS was released by the terror group's media wing Amaq and on pro-ISIS social media accounts circulated by its supporters. The attack came just weeks after the deadliest terror attack in war-weary Baghdad in years, when a suicide truck bomb plowed into a busy shopping district killing almost 300, most of whom were co-religionists of the Islamic terrorists.

Muslim troubles continue in Germany too, where terrorists, either inspired by or working with ISIS, continued apparently random attacks. There was the massacre in Munich on Friday, the work of a "German-Iranian", whose motives were, according to the Polizei, "unclear". Then today a 21-year-old Syrian "refugee" was arrested after killing a pregnant woman with a machete. Inspector Katzenjammer said the homicide did not appear to be linked to any militant groups or designated terrorist entities. All the same, that's the second or third -- I've lost count -- killing by Muslims of Middle Eastern descent in the last week.

But, as Vince Offer used to say, wait... there's more.

Word has just reached us via the mojo wire that, in the southern German city of Ansbach, a man was killed when an explosive device he was believed to be carrying went off near an open-air music festival, injuring 10 others. Local police said that just after 10 PM local time on Sunday they were alerted to an explosion in the city centre. "A man — according to our current knowledge, the perpetrator — died" in the blast, they said in the short statement.

The German news agency DPA reported that the nearby open-air concert with some 2,500 in attendance was shut down as a precaution after the explosion. The Bavarian Interior Ministry (responsible for the police and the security of the Vaterland) told DPA that it appeared to possibly be a bombing attack, saying that there was evidence that there was a "deliberate explosion." That's good police work, boys!

So here we are again... or still.... Islamic terrorists keep killing people in Europe and the Middle East. Yet the lamestream media and the Democrats keep saying The Donald is a fascist and a madman for calling for controls on Muslims coming to America. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it? Speaking of which, the Democratic convention is set to start tomorrow in the City of Brotherly Love... well, about six miles from the city centre, actually. Expect a lot more nonsense between now and next weekend. Stay tuned.

Further reading (and viewing): "'It’s the Immigration Problem, Stupid'", on Dr. Rich Swier's blogsite. Includes video of Senator Jeff Sessions speaking at the GOP convention.

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