Monday, July 4, 2016

BLM vs LGBTQ vs cops at Toronto's "Pride" parade

Much consternation in Canada's biggest city yesterday over a disruption of what's billed as the world's biggest Pride Parade. The disruptors? None other than the local chapter of the overtly racist Black Lives Matter (BLM) "movement". The gays allowed BLM to march in their annual queer-a-thon to publicize their ongoing campaign against police brutality, racism, yada yada yada, only to have the BLMers -- why are so many of them fat white women? -- sit down in the middle of the parade, bringing the whole thing to a standstill for half an hour.

Why, you may ask [if you live on another planet. Ed.] did they do that? Well, it was a case of blackmail -- pun intended. BLM refused to end their squat-in until the head queers signed their list of demands for space, logistical support and (of course) money for BQY. Wozzat? Black Queer Youth... of course! The list also included a demand that there be no more police floats and booths at future parades or other "community" events. This is the one that rankled Toronto's finest, who are well known to be big supporters of LGBT causes. Queer constables have been mincing in lockstep with the civilians for years, and Toronto's police chief (a beneficiary of affirmative action) only last week apologized to the gay community for bathhouse raids that took place over 30 years ago.

So... the coordinators of the Pride parade signed off on BLM's demands, and are now backing and filling furiously to deny that any real commitment to ban the cops from future participation was given. We only agreed to have a "conversation" about it, say the head queers. BLM calls it a "pinkwash". Their spokesthingy, Jenaya Khan (a south Asian lady who does her hair in cornrows) told the meeja, "This type of pink-washing that's happening, where it's like, 'We're in alignment with gender and sexually diverse people, but not in alignment with racialized people,' we can't stand for that."

The comic figures in all this are Canuck politicians, all of whom are decidedly liberal and "progressive" when it comes to gay rights... and black rights... of course. Canada's glamour-boy Prime Minister Trudeau was the star of the parade, along with Ontario's openly lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne. Leaders of all the opposition parties joined in the gaiety as well. In Canada nowadays, you can't afford not to turn out for an event that draws 1000s of affluent voters. Did M Trudeau or Ms Wynne or any of the others intervene to mediate the confrontation between the sexually diverse and the racialized? Errr, no.

Walt is enjoying this immensely. Watching the liberal pols and chattering classes twist themselves into pretzels so as not to come down on one side of the fence or t'other is a delight. You can just about hear their brains cramping. Public opinion -- for what it's worth in a land where governments pay not attention to the governed -- is running about 99 to 1 in favour of the queers and cops, which means against the blacks. But hold 'er Newt! How can anyone be against blacks? Don't black lives matter? Errr... errr... errr....

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  1. I love watching the lefties eat themselves. If they come out against BLM they're racists. If they come out against the queers they're homophobic. They can't win the political correctness game on this one! LOL