Thursday, April 7, 2016

UN identifies root cause of terrorism

The following story appeared on the AP mojo wire this morning....

Government envoys, civil society advocates, social media gurus and U.N. officials have started a two-day conference billed as the first of its kind to tackle violent extremism, part of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s efforts to address the root causes of terrorism.

Jehangir Khan, director of a U.N. counterterrorism task force, said violent extremism is threatening all major U.N. missions and noted that Ban has made the issue a priority in his last year in office.

Following terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Beirut and beyond in recent months, Khan said Thursday: "Today the spectre of violent extremism stalks the world again."

Ban is expected to speak to reporters as the conference, co-sponsored by Switzerland, ends on Friday. The results aim to complement a U.N. review of its counterterrorism strategy this June.

Let me précis that. Violent extremism is the root cause of terrorism. Thank God we have the United Nations to tell us that! It would be even more helpful if they could identify the religion/culture that embraces and preaches violent extremism. 

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