Friday, April 29, 2016

VIDEO: Carly Fiorina chosen by Cruz, breaks into song!

Never before in the history of WWW -- over six years now and counting -- have we reposted one of Stephen Colbert's bits, but this one is just too good. Really it doesn't even need the set-up.

Ted Cruz Announces His Losing Mate by lateshowwithstephencolbert

Is it possible that Carly Fiorina could ever have been taken seriously by anyone as a candidate for the presidensity? Or as CEO of a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation for that matter. But hey, as Canuck PM Justin Trudeau said when he apportioned his cabinet equally between women and men, "It's 2015!"

Having gender parity in a cabinet. What an idea! Isn't that what Hellery Clinton is proposing, as if she thought of it all by herself? Maybe she could make Ms Fiorina Secretary of... errr... well... errr...

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