Sunday, April 17, 2016

VIDEO: Crazy Canuck woman jumps into tiger pen to retrieve her hat

Ed. here. Walt's absence doesn't mean there will be no posts until he return. Nosiree. Not as long as Walt's faithful agents keep forwarding tidbits like this one, sent along by Agent 3. What we have here is proof that the stupidity of the common man -- or woman -- knows no boundaries. The entire world has sunk into a deep and abiding stupidity, from which there appears to be no chance of recovery.

Today's example comes from the Great Not-so-white North where a stupid Canadian woman is captured on video climbing into the tiger cage at the Toronto zoo to get her hat. How her hat got over the fence is unknown.

Also unknown is whether the woman is Canadian-born or one of Toronto's majority of Third World immigrants. Perhaps her hat, which can't be seen clearly in the video, had some religious significance. Who knows.

What we do know is risking your life for a hat is the act of a moron, which is what the woman is called by a bystander. "You're a moron, you're a fucking moron," the man shouts. "You're a bad example to everyone else's kids." Another woman can then be seen intervening to break up the argument. In response, the man says "She jumped into a tiger cage. Are you kidding me?!"

A spokesthingy for the Toronto Zoo told CBC News that she learned of the incident through the YouTube video, and that the zoo is seeking witnesses who can help explain what happened. Perhaps they should start by asking the woman herself. Or perhaps they already did, only to be answered with a loud "Duh"!"

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