Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why do they keep saying "Trump could still lose"?

Ed. here. Walt is a little tired and emotional after the exertions of yesterday. We had a long conversation around midnight. It was difficult to hear him above the cheering, clinking of glasses and other celebratory noises, but I have transcribed the snatches of rant that I could understand.

What is it with the [expletive deleted] lamestream press anyway? Those [orifices] just can't bring themselves to admit that millions of Americans want Trump! I'm listening to a couple of the bastards now running their mouths about how he could still lose! Can you imagine? He's got something like 89 of 95 New York delegates in today's bag and the bastards are still hoping for a brokered convention! I think one of the analysts is gonna get down on his knees and start praying. On... no... liberals don't pray in public...

A brokered convention.... What makes them think Trump couldn't win one of those? Hey, he's the king of the [expletive deleted] deal, isn't he? All he has to do is get somebody mainstream to join him on the ticket, and Cruz is done like dinner! Did you hear what Ryan said a couple of days ago? He's definitely not gonna throw his hat in the ring... for President! And he won't accept a draft. They all say that. But he never said he'd turn down being Veep, did he! Now that would be a great ticket, the classic bad cop good cop tag team. I love it!

Watching the Democrats' results now. Looks like Hillary has swept the ghettos. Sanders always was the darling of the white liberal elites. Not to mention the Jews who run the New York and Washington media, the [expletive deleted] "Trump could still lose" crowd. So it looks like voters are gonna get a clear choice between the Donald's New York values and Hellery's New York values. Hell's Kitchen or Park Avenue. Staten Island or the Bronx. What a hoot.

And you listen to me. Don't listen to those other guys. If that's the choice in November -- Trump or Clinton -- it's not even gonna be close. [Two seconds inaudible here due to crash of crockery or something] can't lose! I'm ready to bet now. Call [name deleted for reasons of privacy] the Barber and see what odds you can get. Hello? Did you get all that down? I think I'm gonna [Six seconds inaudible; line goes dead.]

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