Monday, January 18, 2016

UK tells Muslim women "Learn English or get out!"

Word reaches us today of an incredibly politically incorrect statement by British Prime Minister David Cameron. Meeting with a group of Muslim women to announce funding for English classes for female Muslim immigrants, Mr. Cameron told them that, in order to integrate into British society, they'd better improve their English, and right sharpish too! Or else, he added, they could face deportation!

Did Mr. Cameron really say that? The story on the AP mojo wire says he emphasized that Britain has expectations for those who want to live in the country. "I think it’s quite right to say to people who come to our country that there are many rights that you have here -- it’s a fantastic country to live in -- but there are also obligations that we should put on people who come to our country, and chief amongst them should be obligations to learn English, because then you can integrate, you can take advantage of the opportunities here and you can help us to build the strong country that we want."

But (as the usual gang of anti-racism and "human rights" activists were quick to cry out) why just Muslim women? Well, it seems that single male Muslim immigrants -- including the 1000s of refugees and asylum-seekers admitted to the UK every year -- don't want to marry British-born girls, so they send home to south Asia and the Middle East for nice virginal Muslim brides. The prospective spouses are required by the British government to demonstrate English language skills to standards of roughly that of a child starting primary school. But once they arrive, they lose interest in learning, with the result that there are some 200,000 Muslim women in the country who can't are functionally illiterate.

Under the government's new plan, spouses would have five years to improve their ability to a higher standard, after which "No speak English!" gets you a ticket back to Armpitistan. How about that? How bad must the problem of integrating aliens be for the famously tolerant British to even consider such a discriminatory, Islamophobic, racist, yada-yada-yada measure? We on this side of the pond would never do such a thing... would we?

Footnote: Even as Mr. Cameron laid down the law to the Muslim ladies, the British House of Commons debated a motion to bar Donald Trump from entering the UK. Why? Because Mr. Trump thinks it would be a good idea to bar Muslims from entering the USA. Ah, perfidious Albion! But the debate doesn't matter, because Parliament can't bar anyone from entering Not-so-great Britain. That power rests with the Home Office.

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