Friday, January 29, 2016

Lamestream media moan about backlash against Muslim "refugees"

Walt is wetting himself (almost) reading the sob stories in the liberal lamestream media about how the racist and Islamophobic Europeans are turning against the waves of "refugees" and asylum-seekers washing up on their shores. Worst of all are the Canadian meeja, led by the state-owned CBC, who smugly assure their audience that the "failure of human compassion" would never happen in Canada. Canadians, they say, overwhelmingly support the welcoming of 1000s of aliens who won't integrate into their supposedly multicultural society any better than will those who the Europeans now seek to get rid of.

Typical of the tripe that's being fed to gullible Canucks is "The refugee crisis is shredding the cords that bind Europe", commentary by Kelly McParland in the so-called National Post. In the FB comments section following the piece, one perceptive reader calls Mr. McParland an "ethno-masochist, multiculturalist shill". [Don't you wish you'd thought up "ethno-masochist"? Ed.]

Be that as it certainly is, I'm going to repost a large chunk of the blog, because, even if the slant is wrong, Mr. McParland has the facts right. The Europeans don't want any more refugees. In fact, they'd like to send those who have already snuck into their countries back where they came from. That's a fact!

In Europe [Mr. McParland writes], one flood is running into another. The tide of refugees pouring across the Mediterranean in search of a new life is meeting a counter-flow of antagonism from countries increasingly unprepared to grant them their wish.

Dishearteningly, staunch resistance is now coming from some of the wealthiest countries. A Dutch proposal would have Syrians landing in Greece put on a boat straight back to Turkey. Denmark has passed a law allowing it to collect valuables from refugee claimants to pay their costs. Sweden’s Interior Minister said this week some 80,000 asylum-seekers -– about half the total -– could be deported if Stockholm can find enough planes for them. Not to be outdone, Finland revealed it expects to reject 65% of asylum applicants....

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron this week dismissed refugees gathered in France as "a bunch of migrants" and rejected any suggestion they should be allowed into Britain.... The EU government in Brussels, meanwhile, has taken to blaming Greece –- easily it’s [sic] weakest member -– for failing to keep the tide from spreading beyond its borders.... Brussels is now threatening to impose border controls if Athens can’t find a way to save the other 27 member countries from being afflicted with the migrants.

The most dramatic shift remains in Germany, however, where there is a very real chance the coalition government of Chancellor Angela Merkel could unravel.... Merkel is scrambling desperately to convince other European powers they must act together if the EU is to survive. A poll released Friday found 40% of Germans feel Merkel should resign over her handling of the situation. She was able to hold her government together this week only by agreeing to new restrictions demanded by her two main allies, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, and Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer.

Seehofer in particular has pressured Berlin to tighten the liberal policies championed by Merkel, who argues that Germany has a historical responsibility to aid as many asylum-seekers as possible. He wants a cap on the number Germany will accept, and an expanded list of "safe" countries from which applicants will be rejected.

Critics complain that thousands of people from North Africa have sought to take advantage of the chaos to claim refugee status in wealthier European countries. Norway said recently it would send home thousands of Russians who have crossed into the country by bicycle after spotting a loophole in immigration laws.

Merkel has shown herself to be among the most adroit leaders in the western world. But after more than a decade at the top of the European pole, the ground beneath her may be collapsing. It could swallow her, as well as Europe as a union. Built to avoid war, it could fail over the limits of human compassion.

On this side of the water (Walt speaking now), Canada's Liberal government keeps saying it will admit 25,000 "refugees" by the end of February, and as many as 50,000 by the end of 2016, whether Canadians like it or not, and whether the migrants want come of not. See "Surprise! Syrian refugees welcomed by Canada want to go home", WWW 25/1/16.

South of the world's longest undefended border, Barack Hussein Obama thinks the Paranoid States of America should be able to accommodate a mere 10,000 of the tired, wretched, huddles masses. His likely success, Donald Trump, thinks that's 10,000 too many, and numerous public opinion polls suggest many more Americans agree with the Donald than with the Prez.

Assuming the USA effectively slams the door on the "refugees", that would seem to leave Canadians as the only ones foolish enough to let their deluded liberal elites (Hello, Kelly McParland!) lead them, lemming-like, over the cliff to societal suicide.

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