Thursday, January 21, 2016

UK boy did NOT live in "terrorist house" after all

Inspector Knacker of the Lancashire Constabulary confirmed today that his force has completed its investigation of an unnamed Muslim boy [perhaps "Mohammed" Something-or-other? Ed.] who had written in a school assignment that he lived in a "terrorist house".

Teachers at the 10-year-old's school had notified Authorities not because of Islamophobia, but in compliance with a law requiring schools to report any possible "links to extremism" observed in their pupils. The Peelers responded by sending an officer along with a social worker to visit the boy's home in Accrington. They found that the boy actually lived in a "terraced house" -- British English for a row house. Another case of the inability to spell correctly all too common in 21st century edjumakashun.

"There were not thought to be any areas for concern," Inspector Knacker reported, "and no further action was required by any agency." Case closed. That's good police work, boys!

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