Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UPDATED: The Economist on integrating Muslims into European society

This is a follow-up to "Speaking of integrating Muslims into European society...", posted here yesterday. The postman [letter carrier, surely! Ed.] just delivered this week's Economist (16/1/16), from which I've selected two interesting (and apparently contradictory) quotes.

A leader (= editorial, for North Americans) headed "Migrant men and European women", on p. 12 of the North American edition, has, as its subtitle: "To absorb newcomers peacefully, Europe must insist they respect values such as tolerance and sexual equality". Oh, hahahahahahahaha! See the last paragraph of yesterday's post.

From the same issue, "Cologne's aftershocks" (p. 57) concludes: "In retrospect it is clear that Mrs Merkel's hopeful New Year's address coincided with the appearance of immigration's dark side [Was that intentional? Ed.] on German streets, and that her warnings have not been heeded. Some refugees have not respected German rules and traditions. Germans are divided. Germany's neighbours, from Hungary and Poland to Switzerland and Denmark, have sneered at Mrs Merkel's 'welcome culture'. It now looks tenuous even at home."

Any further comment would be superfluous. However, thanks to Agent 3, we do have a

Footnote from Canada: Justin Trudeau, Canada's liberal Liberal new Prime Minister, won election in October on (among other things) a promise to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by 31 December 2015. The target date has since been pushed back to 31 December 2016. As of mid-January, about 10,000 have actually arrived, most being dumped into Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. Yesterday the mayors of Vancouver and Ottawa asked M Trudeau and his Minister of Refugees, John McCallum, to please hold the Mohammed salads -- thanks to Mark Steyn for that line -- for a while because, errr, there's no more room for them.

UPDATED 20/1/16
: Vancouver and Ottawa have asked for a "pause" in bringing in more Syrian "refugees". And now it's Halifax and even Toronto (!!!) admitting they can't take any more... for now... you understand... Of course it has nothing to do with the backlash against queue-jumping asylum-seekers which has manifested itself in such things as a huddled mass of them being pepper-sprayed in Vancouver by some terrible racist who's against diversity.

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