Monday, January 18, 2016

Speaking of integrating Muslims into European society...

When British Prime Minister David Cameron told female Muslim immigrants to learn English or get out, he said the taxpayer-funded language courses being set up for newcomers were meant to help them integrate into British society. Walt doubts that any number of well-meant education programmes -- in language, sexual mores or whatever -- can ever turn Muslim aliens into good citizens of post-Christian Europe.

Case in point: the New Year's Eve sex attacks in Köln and other cities of Germany and northern Europe. When German police finally admitted that some of the suspects were Arabs and North Africans, the usual anti-racism said we mustn't rush to judgment, blaming Muslim immigrants/refugees/asylum-seekers, as no charges had yet been laid.

Well, charges were laid today. The first person charged is a 26-year-old Algerian man. Prosecutors said Monday that the unidentified asylum-seeker [probably "Mohammed" something-or-other. Ed.] was arrested at a refugee home in the nearby town of Kerpen over the weekend. A spokesthingy for the public prosecutor told AP the Muslim -- for that's what he is -- stands accused of groping a woman and stealing her cellphone.

Two other Algerian asylum-seekers, aged 22 and 24, were also arrested in Kerpen and the western city of Aachen, respectively, over the weekend, both for robbery. The number of people accused of committing crimes in Cologne at New Year's now stands at 21, of whom eight are in detention.

Almost three weeks after the wave of assaults, thefts and general bad behaviour, 838 people have filed criminal complaints. That includes nearly 500 women who allege that they were sexually assaulted. Some of the victims have jointly filed a single complaint, so that the number of alleged crimes stands at 766, of which 381 are sexual offences, including three rapes.

Is it OK now, Walt asks, to point the finger of blame and shame at Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers? What should be done with these alleged people, if they are convicted? Perhaps they should be sentenced to several hours of sensitivity training, or maybe a little time in "re-education camps" -- something which the Germans have some experience with.

Further reading: "Mark Steyn is Islamed out", WWW 12/1/16.

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