Monday, January 25, 2016

Surprise! Syrian refugees welcomed by Canada want to go home

Just before Hallowe'en, Walt revealed that "Middle East 'refugees' refuse to live in cold places". Duh. That explained, I said, why the Canadian government was having difficulty getting refugees from the Muslim civil wars to take them up on their offer of free airfares, free accommodation, clothing, meals, etc etc, if only they would bring a little more diversity to the Great Not-so-white North.

In this picture below, we see Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship -- in that order -- extolling the virtues of his native land to a typical Muslim family. "It's really swell in Canada, eh!" he may be saying. "The grass really is greener -- good Islamic green. And everyone will welcome you! Trust me!"

And so they came... 1000s of them. And, just as Walt predicted, some of them are already whining about the cold, the food, and the lack of "help" (read: money). A group staying on Canuck taxpayers' dime -- 70 cents in real money -- told Virginia Johnson, a volunteer trying to assist them, that feel like they're "trapped in a prison" without hope due to a lack of communication, supplies and assistance (read: more money).

Ms Johnson was interviewed this morning on CBC Radio's Toronto flagship, on Metro Morning, a programme relentless in its propaganda for multiculturalism, diversity, minority "rights", and helping the poor of every country but Canada.

She told ultra-PC host Matt Galloway [one of the Galloway Boys? Ed.] the 85 refugees have been at the hotel for weeks and have no idea when they will be able to leave. Some of them say they're not getting much help, and would rather go back to their refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Speaking through a translator, a Syrian mother, Zaneb Adri Abu-Rukti, said "We were told that when we arrived to the hotel that we would only be staying for three to four days maximum. However, things have been changed and we've been here for 10 to 11 days, and we've been told it could be even longer."

Apparently Ms Abu-Rukti was under was under the impression they'd be getting a house. "We feel like our kids are just stuck here," she went on. "We go into one room, we eat, and then we return to other room and just go to bed. Our kids don't have anywhere to play, nowhere to go out. We feel like we're just trapped in a prison. I feel even though we chose to come out to Canada and it was something that we chose to do, it was our right and we chose it, however, it's not what we expected and it's not what we thought we would come into."

Unfortunately for her and the others, Ms Abu-Rukti is quite right. They made their choice and now they are as stuck with Canada as Canadians are stuck with them. As she told the interviewer, " Another lady asked to return and the Canadian Embassy said: 'There is no way you guys can return now.'"

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