Sunday, February 3, 2019

VIDEOS: Robber splits after storekeeper hits him with bananas

This is not a promo for CBC's egregiously unfunny sitcom Kim's Convenience. This is real footage of an attempted robbery which occurred Saturday evening at a convenience store in Mississauga ON. The holdup was foiled when the wife of the storeowner -- a Korean, surprisingly enough -- hit the would-be thief -- possibly white, possibly not -- with a bunch of bananas, forcing him to flee.

CTV's Nick Dixon [Really? Not "Dick" Dixon? Ed.] has the story.

The storeowners were unhurt. The would-be thief may, like the bananas, have a couple of bruises. Inspector Knacker of the Peel Police [not making this up. Ed.] said the intruder did not have a gun, but warned retail workers not to confront suspects as, you never know, they could be armed with a gun... or maybe a banana of their own. What do you do then?! John Cleese and the Monty Python group demonstrate the proper technique for dealing with such a situation.

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