Friday, February 1, 2019

VIDEO: Dave Rubin interviews the next prime minister of Canada (?)

Dave Rubin is a star interviewer on the Internet, especially popular among millennials, according to one of my kids, who is one -- a millennial, I mean. Hundreds of thousands of conservatives and libertarians watch his show. On his show this week, he interviewed Maxime Bernier, a member of the Canadian parliament and leader of the newly created (and now officially recognized) People's Party of Canada.

In this one-hour interview, "Mad Max" and Dave discuss the state of Canadian politics, leading his new party ‘The People’s Party of Canada,’ why he disagrees with Justin Trudeau, his views on immigration in Canada, political correctness, the difference between libertarianism and conservatism, and much more.

Dear frostback readers, can you imagine any of the "mainstream party" leaders -- Andrew Scheer, Justin Trudeau, or Jagmeet Singh -- appearing on this show? They wouldn't and couldn't, because they would be unable to answer Dave's questions. All they could do would be to repeat their usual meaningless talking points. M Bernier is willing and able to dig down into the issues, particularly the economic challenges, facing Canada... and the USA... today. When he says, "The deficits of today are the taxes of tomorrow," he reminds me a bit of Ron Paul, actually. More power to him!

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