Friday, February 1, 2019

FROZEN! What global warming looks like

One of Walt's agents sent along this nice photo of Niagara Falls -- the Canadian Falls part, actually -- where they've been having a real, old-fashioned winter. None of that global warming or climate change BS for the hardy folks who venture out to see the beauty of the falls, which, by the way, is not frozen. The falls are still falling, underneath the crusts of ice.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. In villages north and south of Niagara Falls, famous groundhogs will come out of their burrows -- voluntarily or otherwise -- to predict how much more of this global warming we'll have to endure. In Pennsylvania, Al Gore will explain to the media any cold signals given by Punxatawney Phil. In Ontario, Canuck Environment Minister "Climate Barbie" McKenna will interpret the actions of the new Wiarton Willie. The old one died last summer... of the heat, no doubt.

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