Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Trudeau Liberals promise new flag for Canada

This coming October, Canadians will go to the polls to elect a new federal government. Or, the Liberal Party hopes, to re-elect Just In Trudeau and his government of useful idiots, in spite of everything.

But with opinion polls trending downwards for the libbies, they will have to raise their game -- promotion of "inclusivity", gender ideology, and Islamization of Canada -- to new levels. Some kind of gimmick is needed, beyond opening the border to 1000s of "refugees" and asylum-seekers, aka instant Liberal voters. Walt's mole in the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) says they've come up with something truly brilliant.

This coming June will see the 55th anniversary of the adoption of the now hugely popular maple leaf flag that replaced the British Red Ensign if the bad old colonial days. 55. If you say 5-5 in Thai, it's "ha-ha". So Mr Socks' minions are planning a nice "ha-ha" for the Canadian people. It's a brand new flag, which will properly symbolize the diversity which is the theme and hallmark of Mr T's new "post-national state". As well, it will show that Canadians welcome all the new Muslim immigrants, no matter what the lying opinion polls say. Here's the new design.

There now. Isn't that just what the imam ordered. You've got everybody represented: gays, trannies, feminists, Muslims, and even real Canadians. See the little maple leaf? Perfect! The bill to replace the old maple leaf flag with the brilliant new rainbow banner is expected to be tabled in Parliament any day now. What could go wrong?

Note from Ed.: I didn't have time to talk to a second source for this report, but it sounds plausible to me, given the track record of Canada's Liberal Party, so I'm going with it!

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