Friday, September 14, 2018

"Mad Max" announces formation of new pro-Canada conservative party

Switzerland has its Swiss People's Party. Austria has its Austrian People's Party. And now, at last, there's a People's Party of Canada for all the Canucks who are fed up with the so-called Conservative Party of Canada, which really is the "alt-Liberal" party -- same as the Trudeau gang only with an older and slightly whiter face.

Yes, Maxime Bernier, who left the Somewhat Conservatives to sit as the independent Member of Parliament for Beauce, has made good on his promise to founding of a new party prepared to stand up for conservative and Canadian values.

"Mad Max" today announced the formation of the People's Party of Canada: M Bernier says he wants the new party to fight for free-market values as well defend ordinary citizens against the power of special interest groups. In prepared remarks, he said the PPC will "respect our traditions, our history, and what makes Canada a unique place in the world, without trying to forcibly change it like the current Liberal government is doing."

The name translates easily into French too, so I think Max is going to try to work both sides of the street/la rue, which is as it should be. The lamestream media don't like to say it, but there's more anti-immigrant feeling in Québec (outside of Montréal) than places like the soi-disant Greater Toronto Area, so the PPC should get a lot of traction there quickly. All they need now is to get the rest of Ontario and the rest of Canada on board. Walt wishes Mad Max bonne chance!

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"Will Maxime Bernier Make Canada Great for Once? (Mad Max: Victory Road)", posted to YouTube by The Asian Capitalists, 14/9/18 (before Max's announcement of the founding of the PPC). (If you don't like listening to dudes with Chinese accents, this isn't for you.)

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