Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New poll: record numbers of Canucks against more immigration

The official party line of Canada's Liberal government, dutifully parroted by the state-owned Canadian Broadcorping Castration, is that the majority of tolerant and progressive Canadians support immigration, and all the benefits that admitting hordes of Third-Worlders will bring to a grateful country. Just a few days ago, the Ministry of Immigration and Refugees [sic] released the results of a poll, taken in March, that said that although Canucks have some reservations about the asylum-seekers crossing the US-Canada border "irregularly", they still welcome the world's poor huddled masses.

Walt and others called BS on that one. The truth is that, outside of the chattering classes of downtown Toronto and Parliament Hill, most Canadians have been dubious for decades about the merits of higher levels of immigration, now closing on 300,000 per year not counting the illegals. Today's National Post reveals the truth about popular sentiment, according to a poll taken in late July by the respected Angus Reid organization. Walt trusts that Angus Reid and Postmedia won't mind our reposting part of the article by Brian Platt and the main graphic, which shows clearly the growth of opposition to immigration over the past few years. [Memo to Postmedia: Walt doesn't make any money from this blog! It's a public service. Thank you! Ed.]

The report from the Angus Reid Institute analyzes polling data going back to 1975. It shows that throughout that period a relatively constant number of Canadians — around one in four — have always said they think immigration levels should be decreased, while support for keeping levels the same has tended to be slightly higher. Only about 10% of Canadians have supported increasing the levels during that time. But the latest poll shows a spike in opposition to immigration, which the organization says coincides with "more frequent and increasingly fraught conversations about policy regarding immigration and migration to Canada."

This year's survey shows 49% of respondents think immigration levels should be decreased, compared to 36% in 2014. 31% think levels should stay the same, compared to 48% in 2014. Only 6% think levels should be increased, compared to 9% in 2014. This brilliant bit of satire, scraped from Blazing Cat Fur, explains why so many Canucks feel that way.

Walt wonders if King Trudeau II is pleased with his handiwork. Turns out his constant virtue-signalling and shaming Canadians who disagree with him (see "What happens when Canadians exercise their right to speak freely about illegal border jumpers and diversity", WWW 20/8/18) has had the effect of poking the bear. We'll see the results in 14 months... or sooner, if Mr Socks decides to call a snap election before things get worse.

But chances of a snap election are, IMHO, slim and none. (Lifetime pct .991.) Junior doesn't read the polls, or the comments section on those CBC articles where commenting is allowed (as long as M-103 is respected).

Just yesterday, Saddam Hussesn, the Somali-born Minister for Refugees &c, announced that the Gliberals are dropping the controversial lottery system for reuniting immigrant families and moving to a first-come, first-served online system. Under the family reunification programme, they will admit 20,500 parents and grandparents -- many of them illiterate and suffering from chronic illnesses -- in 2019, and 21,000 in 2020. Those numbers are more than double the figure for the first year of JT's government, 2016, in which 10,000 applications were approved. Talk about listening to public opinion! The Liberals are stone deaf... and in 14 months will be stone dead! (Lifetime pct still .991.)

Further reading
: Never thought we'd see the day when Walt would recommend a piece by the CBC's resident anti-Trumper, Neil Macdonald, but "Maxime Bernier is challenging orthodoxy. He deserves a civil reply", dealing as it does with freedom of speech, is worth reading. The comments section is open too!

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