Friday, August 3, 2018

VIDEO: Ungrateful "refugees" destroy Canadian hotels

OK, forget about Zimbabwe. Stick a fork in it. It's done. Let's turn instead to the Great No-longer-white North, which is having its own problems with dark-complected people -- Haitians and Nigerians, to be specific -- coming in the 1000s to cross the world's longest undefended border (TM) near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle QC and other fenceless border posts. The Liberal government line is that dealing with them -- giving them food, clothes, housing and welfare cheques -- is a "challenge". Michelle Rempel and other (somewhat) Conservative MPs call it a "crisis". See "Canuck MP puts cost of welcoming illegals at C$90 million", WWW 22/7/18 (includes video of the attractive MP, if I'm allowed to say that).

The province of Québec has said it just can't take any more, so the Liberal federal government is shipping the latest arrivals to Ontario. Well, not all of Ontario, only the "sanctuary city" of Toronto, which is where the bogus "refugees" wanted to go anyway. Seeing the horde heading west on the 401, Toronto Mayor John Tory (Tory by name, liberal by nature) cried out to the feds for some help. Since he couldn't very well say Toronto didn't want the border jumpers, he said only that the city had no room for them, its homeless shelters being already full of "refugees" from Syria and a few born-in-Canada drug addicts and mental cases.

A grand meeting was called, at which the mayors of Toronto and surrounding municipalities -- the so-called Greater Toronto Area -- were asked if they'd mind taking a few. Out of that came the rumour that Frank Scarpitti, the mayor of neighbouring Markham (aka "New Beijing"), had offered to take as many as 5000 of the welfare shoppers. That rumour was the cause of a demonstration in front of Markham Civic Centre last Saturday, in which scores of angry Chinese-Canadians shouted and waved signs reading "MARKHAM SAY NO TO ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSERS" and "ILLEGAL FREE RIDER NOT INVITED."

Click here to view the Ming Pao Daily video of the demo, so politically incorrect that the Canadian Broadcorping Castration has censored two of our readers who tried to post this link in the comments section of its news stories on the illegals. One reader was actually told he could be guilty of "hate crime" by challenging the party line on this crisis.

This being an election year, Mayor Scarpitti denied the rumour, and got away with it until yesterday, when Mayor Tory announced that hundreds of the illegals would be transferred from college dorms, where they were sent in June, to hotels in Mississausage, Etobicoke and, errr, Markham, where they will be put up indefinitely, at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer.

That point was underlined today when the Hon. William Blair, Minister of Border Security (aka Minister of BS) a white guy who took over the file from the darker Minister of Refugees, confirmed that "Ottawa" will be providing C$11 million (about $8.45 million in real money) to pay the hotel bills. That's how the CBC reported it -- "Ottawa" will be paying. Most Canucks have finally realized that "Ottawa" = THEM -- Canadian taxpayers.

Sheila Gunn Reid, host of The Gunn Show on The Rebel, has dared to ask who's going to pay to clean up the university dorms, hotel rooms and other "temporary accommodation" once the "refugees" have been given permanent homes. Apparently the flood of Syrian refugees -- 50,000 or them -- which flowed through Toronto hotels following Mr Socks' fit of virtue-signalling in 2015 made quite a mess: urinating in the lobbies, making fires in the rooms, stealing microwaves, smashing furniture and generally behaving like ungrateful third-worlders. Watch the video.

If I were going to stay in a GTA hotel -- not likely because I try not to travel to places where I'll be a vizmin -- I would certainly ask, when making a reservation, if they have had any refugees staying there lately.

Meanwhile, in a related story, the Angus Reid Institute -- a polling firm steadfastly neutral on political issues -- today released results of a poll of 1500 members of their Forum, conducted between July 25th and 30th. A majority of Canadians polled said that the number of asylum-seekers crossing into the country is too high. 65% of those polled said they felt that it was "too many people for Canada to handle", with only 29% stating that it's a "manageable number of people." Only 6% said they felt Canada could handle more border crossers.

Politicians always say that the only poll that counts is the one on election day. Canada's next federal election is scheduled for October of 2019. Walt predicts that Canadians will send Just In Trudeau, the boy wonder, packing. (Lifetime pct .992.) Unfortunately for the land of the maple leaf, the "refugees" will linger on... and on... and on...

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