Thursday, August 16, 2018

MSM - The truth is not out there! The truth is HERE!

Trust in the lamestream media is at an all time low. There are heavy agendas at work, and people have noticed. Much of the "news" purveyed by the likes of the Clinton News Network, MSNBC, Canadian Broadcorping Castration and even ESPN is either fake or so biased it might as well be fake. Conservative/Republican/alt-Right BAD!
Liberal/Democrat/antiFa/SJW/"progressive" good. Just compare the coverage of the same story -- any story -- on (for example) CNN and Fox News. Are they reporting on the same event? Are they living on the same planet?

More problematic, in terms of getting the truth, is what the lamestream media don't tell us. Anything that doesn't fit the liberal narrative, or makes the "progressive" flavour-of-the-month look bad, is suppressed. In a lame effort to show that it is fair and unbiased (as it should be, since it's taxpayer-funded), the CBC allows comments on its news site. But only sometimes. And only some comments! Two of Walt's readers have been having fun trying to post disparaging words about Canada's SJW "Minister of Global Affairs". They are competing to see who can get more comments "pinked" (= disabled). One of them, who I'll identify only as "JU" is currently in the lead, having been banned from the boards for three week. The words "hate crime" were used in the notice of his punishment.

Here's another example. This week I put up a post on the latest terror attack in London, in which "someone" drove a car into a crowd outside Westminster, the British parliament building. It took two days for the London police and the state-owned BBC to provide any information about the attacker. When the facts could be suppressed no longer, they finally admitted the would-be killer was "a British citizen", to which they added, almost in a whisper "born in another country". Turns out the other country was Sudan, a predominantly Muslim country in Africa.

But wait (as Vince Offer used to say), there's more. From Breitbart News (a source routinely disparaged by the LSM) we learn that Salih Khater "came to Britain after spending two years in Libya, and was granted asylum by the British government. Just weeks before what police are treating as an attempted terror attack, Khater was granted full British citizenship. And yes, he's a Muslim. (To be fair, Breitbart cribbed their report from the Times of London, one of the least worst mainstream sources.)

The media, academia and the clever folks in Hollywood still can't get over the fact that Donald Trump won the election in spite of their strenuous efforts. Alleged people like Joy Behar jsut can't get over it! They rail against POTUS for every supposedly evil deed, word or even thought committed since his election, or before it, or expected to be committed in the future (e.g. starting a war with Iran).

At the moment they're consigning him to hell for having supposedly used the word "nigger" --  notice I didn't wimp out and refer to it as "the N-word" -- a decade or so ago. And for calling a woman of colour a "dog", even though the Donald has used the same epithet, recently, to describe a number of white men. Honestly, dear reader, who amongst us has never in his life called people names like that... or worse?

Fortunately, it doesn't matter. Outside of the chattering classes on the coasts, no-one cares. No-one is even listening! Last week, more viewers tuned in to the history channel and HGTV than CNN. Fox news is still the most-viewed news channel. In the (((controlled media))) you'll find all the "truth" that (((George Soros'))) of Jeff Bezos' or can buy, or that the liberal democratic governments of Canada and Britain will allow. But the real truth is over here, in the wonderful world of blogs and independent media.

Here, as a public service, is my highly selective list of blogs and websites which present real news and alternative opinions. I won't embed URLs because I know my readers are intelligent enough to use a search engine to find the ones they're looking for. Most of these have been quoted or mentioned on WWW, so you can also use the search window in the top right corner to find them.

Bill Whittle; Blazing Cat Fur; Breitbart News; Canadian Times; Dr Rich Swier; Lew Rockwell; Michelle Malkin; The Occidental Observer; People's Cube; Post Millennial; Rebel Media; The Remnant (great site for traditional Catholics!); Ron Paul Liberty Report; Small Dead Animals; Steyn Online; Taki's Magazine; White Genocide Project.

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  1. In July, CNN's New Day morning show averaged 504,000 viewers, while MSNBC's Morning Joe grabbed just over one million, and the number-one ranked Fox and Friends captured an audience of 1.46 million.