Monday, July 30, 2018

VIDEO: "Illegal free rider not invited!" Into Canada? Really?

Canada has two mid-sized cities in which the majority of the populace is Chinese-Canadian, meaning (mostly) legal immigrants from China or their descendants, the latter being known to each other as "CBCs" -- Canadian-born Chinese. The two cities are Richmond BC, a bedroom community to Vancouver, and Markham ON, part of the soi-disant Greater Toronto Area.

Rumours fly thick and fast in the Chinese-Canadian community, and none has flown higher and faster in recent times than a story that Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti [How did an Italian-Canadian get to be mayor of Markam? Ed.] is planning to house 5000 of the illegal border jumpers that Canuck Prime Minister Just In Trudeau, in a colossally stupid display of virtue-signalling, invited into the Great No-longer-white North following the inauguration of President Trump. See "A refugee camp? In Canada?! Yes, really!!", WWW 6/5/18 and "Canuck MP puts cost of welcoming illegals at C$90 million", WWW 22/7/18 (includes video).

Even though Mayor Scarpitti was quick to deny the rumour -- he's up for re-election in October! -- angry Chinese-Canadians organized a protest, held this past Saturday in front of the Markham Civic Centre. Apparently the Chinese are not as polite or as docile as other Canadians, for they had the temerity to express their feelings both vocally and in writing. Several signs said "Say NO to Mayor Frank!", while others, referring to the previous weekend's shootings in Toronto's Greektown, read "Do Not Let Tragedy Happen In Markham." Other signs read "MARKHAM SAY NO TO ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSERS" and "ILLEGAL FREE RIDER NOT INVITED." And there was this one.

Not surprisingly, to those who know Toronto -- proud of the diversity that's killing it -- the protest was met with a counter-protest hastily organized (as the signs show) by the leftist Canadian Union of Public Employees. The snivel servants are supporters of the socialist NDP, which included in its platform in the recent Ontario election a promise to turn the entire province into a sanctuary.

Protesters met counter-protesters, with the local police stepping in to referee, and the chaotic scene was captured by Ming Pao Daily News. Warning! This video contains violence and (according to Agent 78) coarse language. 

The protester addressing the crowd in Mandarin described the question of Canada’s response to asylum-seekers as a public safety issue. "It should not be this way," she said, seemingly on the verge of angry tears. "You [the government] have to make sure that we’re safe." Walt wishes her and all the others opposed to importing terrorism and hatred rotsa ruck.

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