Tuesday, July 17, 2018

VIDEO: Canuck government hides failure of Syrian "refugees" to adapt

One of the grandiose, virtue-signalling promises Justin "Mr Socks" Trudeau made on his way to becoming Prime Minister of Canada was that, by the end of 2015, he (meaning the Canadian taxpayer) would welcome ­25,000 "refugees" from the Muslim civil war in Syria. Coming as it did only days after a picture of the corpse of a little kid washed up on the shores of Greece drew tears from right-thinking people all over the world, that promise was a big factor in getting the Gliberals elected.

And so it came to pass that planeloads of "refugees" started arriving in Toronto just in time for Christmas. Mr Socks was prominent in almost daily photo ops with smiling Syrian refugees, such as doctors and, errr, well, never mind. They're all great people, Just In assured a gullible nation, and will make a great contribution to Canada -- so much so that another 25,000 would be welcomed in 2016! "Diversity is our strength" became the Liberal catch-phrase, repeated by Mr T and all his minions day after day, ad nauseam.

Canada's Auditor-General, Michael Ferguson, suggested that the government keep track of the 25,000 or 50,000 refugees they dumped into the middle of the Canadian winter, to see how they were adjusting to life in the Great No-longer-white North. Were the mostly Arabic-speaking refugees learning English or French? Were they working (ha!), going to school, or just sitting in their government-provided houses, receiving social assistance?

It would be nice for Canadian taxpayers to know those things, but a cone of silence has been dropped by the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship -- the name says it all! -- over the fate of the "refugees". After more than two weeks of inquiries by Postmedia, a government flak-catcher acknowledged that the ministry has not produced any report in almost two years on the degree to which the "refugees" have been able to integrate into Canadian society.

In this video (running time 4:10), the Vancouver Sun's Douglas Todd tells of his efforts to get the truth (or any information at all) from the Trudeau Gliberals. Check it out.

Footnote: Did you check out the "man-bun" on the interviewer? The "metrosexual" look, I guess. Gay as 18 balloons...

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