Sunday, July 1, 2018

French ambassador to Hungary speaks truth about Orbán, Muslims, risks firing

According to the BFMTV website, Emmanuel Macron, the diminutive president of the French Republic, has his hair on fire over a confidential note from Eric Fournier, the French ambassador to Hungary, which has mysteriously been leaked to the meeja. In a memo to the Élysée Palace (where M Macron lives with his motherly spouse), M Fournier praised the migrant policies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, calling him a "model for Europe".

M Fournier described the Hungarian migration policy as "having anticipated the problems posed by illegal migratory movements", and excoriated "Anglo-Saxon and French media", saying, "Any democratically elected regime that does not correspond to their worldview [is called] 'populist'." That, of course, is the latest term of opprobrium used to describe the policies of leaders like Donald Trump and Doug Ford. Why? Because, to the surprise of the gliberals, "populist" policies have proven themselves popular!

In the note, which was copied to top officials of the European Union, Ambassador Fournier condemned what he called the "Magyarphobie" [Hungarian-phobia] of many western European politicians. And he defended the Hungarian government against allegations of anti-Semitism, saying that the "true modern anti-Semitism" belongs to "Muslims of France and Germany."

When the French broadcaster approached Président Macron for comment on the leaked note, he slammed his ambassador, saying, "In no way do I share the words that you just mentioned and that you have revealed." He added that if such comments had been made in public the situation would be very different. "Cet ambassadeur aurait-il tenu publiquement ces propos," he said, "il aurait été révoqué sur le champ." Translated, he meant that M Fournier would have found himself back in Paris, up to his neck in what the French call dou-dou.

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