Friday, July 6, 2018

VIDEO: Trump will pay $1 million if "Pocahantas" proves she's an Indian

This morning we've got a really great video clip from the campaign trail. Speaking at a campaign rally in Montana yesterday, President Trump unveiled the "secret" debate tactic which he'll use against Democratic presidential challenger Senator Elizabeth Warren in the unlikely event he goes mano-a-mano with her in the 2020 presidential electioni. Ms Warren has repeatedly claimed to be of Native American [formerly "Indian". Ed.] heritage, and parlayed her self-proclaimed minority heritage into a tenured position as a professor at Harvard Law School. But there is no credible evidence, documentary or genetic, that supports Senator Warren's claim, which is why POTUS delights in calling her "Pocahontas". Here's the clip.

Breitbart News broke the story of Ms Warren's dubious claim in 2012. The Native American wannabe dreamed up her ancestry for inclusion in the Pow Wow Chow Cookbook -- not kidding about that title -- published in 1984. All the documentary evidence produced since then shows that her Native American heritage is exactly zero percent (0%).

However, since no-one called her on it, Ms Warren began listing herself as a minority in the 1986-1987 Association of American Law Schools Directory of Faculty, a claim she continued to make in that publication until the mid-90s. Thus she was able to rise from her gig at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, to a full-time, tenured position as a professor at Harvard Law School in 1995. And come election time, who could help but vote for a HLS professor? Shows you the power of a well-written résumé!

Walt hopes Senator Warren gets the Democratic nomination in 2020. I pledge, God helping me, to stay alive and awake for the debate, just to see President Trump do this. I've already made the popcorn, which I'll pop into the freezer [Geddit? Ed.] until then.

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