Sunday, May 6, 2018

A refugee camp? In Canada?! Yes, really!!

Oh, that Just In Trudeau! He's so full of surprises! When Canada's opposition Conservatives -- not to mention millions of angry Canucks -- demanded that he do something about the 1000s of bogus "refugees" and asylum-seekers crossing from the USA into the Great No-longer-white North every week, what they had in mind was cancelling the Safe Third Country Agreement with the USA, or maybe building a fence. No-one dreamed that Mr Sock's response would be to set up a refugee camp!

Beats me how Canada's Liberals -- or anywhere's liberals -- can on the one hand deny there's any problem with illegal immigrants streaming across open borders and on the other hand build accommodations for them, but here's the proof, the first in a tract of tents and modular buildings to provide sleeping quarters, shower facilities and more at the "unauthorized" crossing site just outside St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Québec.

In a government tender notice released last week, the Trudeau Liberals are looking for someone to build -- very quietly -- temporary housing capable of handling 520 people -- a small village -- over three seasons. (The "refugees" are expected to spend the winter in Florida, on the taxpayers' dime.) The border jumpers filing past the warning signs at Roxham Road (pictured) will be housed in tents. Modular buildings will be used for quarantine spaces as well as toilet and shower facilities.

Canada's Liberal (with big and small L's) government are calling this "temporary housing", but any phool can see it's a refugee camp... on Canadian soil... for people fleeing... wait for it... the United States! Whoda thunk it?!

Walt thunk it -- that's who! When Hairboy posted his infamous Tweet, even He Of Little Brain should have known that his invitation would be taken up by every Haitian, Somali, Eritrean and Nigerian who could make it into the USA on a visitor's visa. Now M Trudeau is begging the USA to stop the scum from heading due north to the Canadian border. Of course that would mean detaining them at refugee camps in... wait for it... the USA! LMAO.

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