Monday, May 14, 2018

"Allahu akbar!" - another Muslim family, another terrorist attack

"All in the Islamic Family" is the title of a new Muslim TV drama being shot right now in Surabaya, Indonesia. Really. The very next day after a family of Indonesian Islamic terrorists succeeded in attacking three churches in Surabaya, killing 12 and injuring many more, another family attacked the city's police headquarters.

National police Chief Tito Karnavian said four of the perps were killed, or, should we say, killed themselves. A girl aged about 8 who was riding on a motorbike with two of the attackers was thrown clear by the blast and survived. Four cops and six civilians were wounded.

Chief Karnavian said the family who attacked the police HQ were friends of the family that went to Paradise attacking the churches. As I reported in yesterday's post, the latter family had gone to ISIS to help the soldiers of the prophet wage war on the infidels (Shia Muslims and non-believers in the Religion of Peace), but returned when ISIS lost its grip on Syria and Iraq. Both families were friends of yet another family whose homemade bombs exploded in their apartment Sunday night.

The flurry of attacks have raised concerns that militant networks in the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation have been reinvigorated by the return of some of the estimated 1100 Indonesians who went to fight with ISIS. Experts have warned for several years that when those fighters return, they could pose a significant threat. However, such warnings have largely been ignored because, as the Pope keeps telling us, Islam is the religion of peace, and has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism. Yeah, right!

Innocent questions for our dear readers: How many returned jihadis are living in your neighbourhood? Do you know who they are and where they are? Does your local constabulary (police department/FBI agent/DHS agent/Officer Barbrady) know? Are they doing anything? If you're not sure, Walt advises you to watch your infidel ass! And if you see something, say something! [To whom? Ed.]

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