Thursday, May 10, 2018

Scrapping the Iran deal: another milepost on the road to Armageddon

Yep. Saw the "Mr President, you are right about Iran" ad, and would have signed it if anyone had asked me. [Guess you don't have a very big presence on the world stage. Ed.] In case you missed it, the main message of the full-page ad, featured prominently in the lamestream media today, is: "Iran is a danger to us, to our allies, to freedom. We stand alongside you in ending the dangerous appeasement of Iran and making all and any action required to stop Iran going nuclear, help its people, halt its spreading of terror and achieve peace and stability in the Middle East and among all peoples and nations."

There are those who disagree -- the usual gang of liberals, one-worlders (including the wimpy leaders of Britain, Germany and France), "progressive thinkers" and (((leaders of world opinion))). And the Prez. Remember him? Barack Hussein Obama thinks POTUS was misguided to renege on the Iran deal (read: capitulation to the Muslims) which was negotiated on his watch and for which he took credit, as befits the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize -- aawarded in advance by the aforesaid gang.

What the doves never explained was why, if the Iran deal was such a great game-changer, peace didn't break out in the Middle East the minute it was signed. The object was to prevent Iran from developing a nuculer (giving it the American pronunciation) weapon, and stop them from mucking around in Syria and other Muslim civil wars -- Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, etc etc -- by bringing them (Iran) back into the world economic community. So how did that work out?

The Prez and all the other one-world, appease-the-Muslim wienies have responded to POTUS' decision to scrap the Iran nuke deal by saying that his decision has moved us closer than ever to a full-scale war, yea a veritable nuclear holocaust! So if the Middle East explodes, it's all Trump's fault. Right?

Errr, no. In "Meanwhile, in the Middle East, something big is on the horizon" (WWW 10/11/17) I wrote that "recent events [in the Middle East] suggest that an escalation of that conflict is imminent." My point was that we were on the road to Armageddon well before the Iran deal! See "3 portents of the coming Armageddon", WWW 26/8/14. Scrapping the deal makes no difference other than to immanentize (slightly) the eschaton.

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