Sunday, May 6, 2018

VIDEO: Tanya Granic Allen dumped by Ontario "Conservatives"

Walt is dismayed -- make that pissed off in the extreme -- to have to report that the oxymoronical Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and its newly-minted leader, Doug Ford, have caved to PC [not "Progressive Conservative" but "political correctness". Ed.] police and won't allow Tanya Granic Allen to run under the PC [not "politically corect" but "Progressive Conservative". Ed.] banner in June's provincial election.

The announcement comes after the Liberal Party of Ontario -- led by proud-to-be-lesbian Kathleen Wynne -- issued a news release Saturday afternoon, citing a 2014 video of Mrs Granic Allen criticizing sex education and gay marriage. Here's the clip from Toronto's CityNews.

If you didn't hear clearly, Mrs Granic said, in a speech at a Croatian-Catholic Youth weekend conference, "You know, now what I hear about Hrvatska (Croatia) trying to push radical sexual education on the young or gay marriage you know I almost vomit in disbelief. Just 20 years ago we were liberated from this communism but now we are embracing these lack of values, these lack of ideals."

In a statement posted to her Twitter page, the only true Christian conservative in the field said she was disappointed that she had been declared no longer a candidate, and will have more to say about the decision and Ontario politics in the near future. Walt will be listening!

For now, I withdraw my endorsement of Doug Ford and his PC ["Progressive Conservative" and now "politically correct" too! Ed.] Party. To get back in my good books, Mr Ford needs to ignore left-wing identity politics and address the wants and needs of the silent majority of Ontarians (outside the GTA). Trying to win over the elites of Toronto could cost him a majority, perhaps the entire election.

Further reading (added 8/5/18): "How much more abuse can Canadian social conservatives take?", by Chris Selley, in the National Post, today.

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