Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Canuck Liberals stew in Trudeau's pro-refugee juice, beg USA to amend Safe Third Country Agreement

This is almost too good to be true, but it is true! You may remember -- Canadians certainly do -- Prime Minister Just In Trudeau's tweet, following the inauguration of President Trump, inviting any and all "refugees", asylum-seekers and undesirable turned away by the US of A to head for the Great No-longer-white North, where the welcome mat would be out for them, along with food, houses, cars etc, courtesy of generous Canadian taxpayers. Here's what Mr Socks said.

Imagine the Boy Wonder's surprise when 10s of 1000s of bogus refugee claimants and other third world scum took him at his word! As reported in "Canuck Conservatives demand Liberals stop border jumpers", WWW 24/4/18, and confirmed yesterday by CTV News, some 26,000 immigrant wannabes have crossed the undefended border "irregularly" (that's Govspeak for "illegally") in the past year, including 5000 in April alone.

This weekend, Stéphane Handfield, a prominent lawyer and member of the refugee industry from Québec, yesterday joined his province's Liberal government in calling on the federal Liberals to do something! He penned an open letter calling for the Safe Third Country Agreement to be put on hold for three months while officials figure out next steps. The STCA is a pact between Canada and the USA which governs where people can make asylum claims on either side of the border.

As Walt told you in "Trudeau's plan to reform Canadian immigration system", WWW 23/4/18, turning away 1000s of potential Liberal voters is not an option for the Trudeau government, which faces a potential revolt even in its own ranks. Even yesterday, Canada's Minister for Refugees and Immigration [really!], Ahmed Hussen [really!], himself a refugee from Somalia [really!], insisted that there are as yet no "formal negotiations" to amend the STCA.

Even as he spoke to the Canuck meeja, a spokesthingy for the US Department of Homeland Security said in an e-mail, "DHS is currently reviewing the proposal made by Canada to amend the Safe Third Country Agreement, but we have no decision to announce at this time."

The statement went on to say that border patrol agencies on both sides of the border collaborate on security efforts and that elements of the US government -- including Department of Homeland Security and the State Department -- are working closely with the government of Canada "to understand the evolving flow of northbound asylum seekers, including through joint CBP-CBSA analysis and collaboration by ICE and the State Department at U.S. embassies and consulates overseas."

Neither the American nor Canadian governments aqre taking seriously what appears to me to be a sensible proposal from the Conservative opposition. As it stands, the STCA requires asylum-seekers to make their claim in the first safe country they arrive in, unless they qualify for an exception spelled out in the agreement. It applies only to claimants trying to enter at official land border crossings, by train or at airports, which is why some are making the trek into Canada outside official crossing points.

Solution: Designate the entire border as an official crossing, so that border-jumpers caught sneaking through the brush can be arrested and immediately dumped back on the side from whence they came. That would benefit not just Canada but the Paranoid States of America too. Sadly, simple sensible solutions are not the kind which bureaucrats embrace easily or with joy. Expect the dithering to continue... along with the the flow of undesirable illegal aliens.

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