Sunday, September 9, 2018

VIDEO: CBC stunned by American prof's criticism of Chrystia Freeland

About three months before WWW made its debut in the blogosphere, Walt had the pleasure of meeting with the delectable Reshmi Nair, who was then a rookie bingo-caller with Canada's CTV News. Ms Nair went on to bigger and better (?) things. Having drunk multiple doses of liberal Koolaid, she is now occupies an anchor's chair at Wallyworld [Newsworld, shurely! Ed.], the CBC's answer to the Clinton News Network.

Canada's state broadcaster evidently equips its staff with powerful PC filters which protect them from seeing or hearing truths which conflict with the prevailing liberal orthodoxy. That, at any rate, is the opinion of Frank H. Buckley, Foundation Professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University. He joined The Rebel's Ezra Levant last week to discuss his recent appearance on the CBC where he criticized the Liberals' incompetence during the NAFTA negotiations.

That Professor Buckley should lay much of the blame for the Trudeau Liberals' failure to get a deal with the USA at the feet of the poster girl for gender equity, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, comes as no surprise to me, since I've been saying the same things for some time now. I've also questioned the reasons for the Canadian Broadcorping Castration's love affair with the fragrant (and sometimes braless) Ms Freeland. Check out these posts:
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"Canuck foreign minister Freeland skips 5th round of NAFTA talks", WWW 16/11/17
"MOR Canuck pundit blames Liberals for NAFTA talks impasse", 1/9/18

Today's questions:
How much longer will the Canadian people have to suffer for the naïveté and ineptitude of their Liberal government? Answer: With luck, just another 13 months.
Can it get worse? Answer: Yes. Right now no-one (in said government) thinks President Trump is going to make good his threat to scupper NAFTA. Just wait.
Could it get even worse? Answer: Again, yes. It's entirely possible that the Canadian sheeple may be gulled by the CBC and other lamestream meeja into believing that failure to get a trade deal is actually a victory for Mr Socks in that he stood up the Orange Monster from Down South, with the result that they re-elect him and the insufferable Ms Freeland.

That's enough horrible questions. Thank you for clarifying the muddification. Ed.

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