Sunday, September 2, 2018

VIDEO: Michael Matt talks about calls for Pope Francis to resign, calls Archbishop Viganò "Instrument of Divine Intervention"

Almost every time we republish a video featuring Michael J. Matt, editor of The Remnant, I reach for a superlative to describe it, something like "best Michael Matt video ever!" That's because Mr Matt just keeps getting better and better. Perhaps he is driven to outdo himself by the increasingly parlous state of the Roman Catholic Church. In his latest offering, he is almost strident about the need for true believers to pray and fight harder than ever before to keep the modernists and apostates (yes, he calls them that) in the Vatican from succeeding in their mission of destroying Holy Mother Church to replace it with Pope Bergoglio's trendy, politically correct "church of accompaniment".

This is Michael Matt as his passionate best. Running time is over 34 minutes, but I urge you -- especially those who may think that the Church is irredeemably rotten -- to listen to every word.

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