Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Remnant VIDEO: Cardinal Cupich goes off the deep end

This is further to Michael Matt's excellent video posted here on Sunday.

Following calls from Archbishop Carlo Viganò and others for Pope Francis to resign, Cardinal Blase Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago, evidently felt that someone should spring to the pope's defence. Who better than himself, whose meteoric rise in the ranks is attributable chiefly to his fawning over the worst pope in four centuries.

This short (2:41) video from the good Catholics at Remnant TV looks at what just might be the most ridiculous thing any American cardinal has said in fifty years. Rather than express concern over the scandal of a credible accusation of yet another massive sexual predator coverup, His Eminence said Francis "has better things to do" and has no intention of "going down this rabbit hole." Besides, the prelate said, the only reason folks are criticizing France is... wait for it... "because Francis is a Latino." (In fact, although Pope Bergoglio was born in Argentina, he is ethnically Italian, which explains why he speaks in Italian even when visiting Eire!) Check it out.

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