Monday, September 10, 2018

Right-wing Sweden Democrats make big gains in election

The ballot question in yesterday's general election in Sweden was immigration, and the resultant rise in crime and decline in standards in the world's foremost cradle-to-grave nanny state. Proportionately, Sweden took in even more bogus refugees, asylum-seekers and other undesirables in the tsunami of 2015 than Angela Merkel's Germany. With a population of 10 million, the Swedes welcomed a record 163,000 mostly Muslim migrants in 2015 — the highest per capita of any European country.

The result has been a spike in crime, perpetrated by the poor, disadvantaged "refugees". Large parts of cities like Stockholm and (especially) Malmö, have been declared "no-go zones", where the cops and other first responders fear to tread. Social services are under tremendous strain, as Swedish taxpayers are forced by their liberal government to pony up for welfare, health care and other benefits for the indigent newcomers. See "Ezra Levant tours the mean Muslim streets of Eurabia", WWW 24/3/16 and "Mark Steyn reveals what's really happening in Sweden", WWW 7/3/17. Both contain videos which should be eye-openers to those who think social democracy is the answer to everything, including racial and religious strife.

The Swedes are a pretty phlegmatic, not to say dour lot, and until recently have been almost as docile as the Canadian sheeple in their acceptance of the liberal dogma that all these foreigners are good people and will be a real asset to the host country if treated properly. But lately, increasing numbers of native-born Swedes have become fed up, and are being attracted to the new(ish) Sweden Democrats, who entered the country's parliament in 2014 with 49 seats.

The mainstream parties, who have coalesced into two blocs (the Social Democrats and the Moderates) to fight the SD, claim that the Sweden Democrats are neo-Nazis, racists, Islamophobes, white supremacists, yada yada yada -- the same crap you hear from the "progressive" and antifa types about Trump Republicans.

You can imagine the consternation of the liberals and lefties, then, when pre-election polling showed the Sweden Democrats with a chance (albeit slim) of winning yesterday's election, and a real chance of finishing second, which would leave them holding the balance of power in a parliament where neither bloc commanded a majority.

Well, the results are in, and support for the SD hit a record high. They saw their share of the vote rise from 12.9% in 2014 to 17.6% in Sunday's poll -- the largest gain by any party in the Riksdag. That should translate to 63 seats, a gain of 14 from 2014. The SD leader Jimmie Akesson told his supporters, "We will gain huge influence over what happens in Sweden during the coming weeks, months and years."

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven's left-leaning Social Democratic bloc, as well as the centre-right Moderate bloc, emerged with roughly 40% each, well short of a majority. The prime minister's party lost 13 seats in parliament – their worst result in a century. That leaves the anti-SD types in an awkward position, since both have sworn not to invite the SD to join in a coalition, yet cannot agree to work together. That leaves the Sweden Democrats with the balance of power. They may yet succeed in getting Sweden back for Swedes!

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