Thursday, March 24, 2016

VIDEO: Ezra Levant tours the mean Muslim streets of Eurabia

One of Walt's favourite bloggers/pundits/whatever is Ezra Levant of Having stood up to the socialist government of his home province, Alberta, who wanted to shut him up by declaring him a "non-journalist", Mr. Levant is doing a series on the effects of Muslim mass migration on Europe. The "Million Muslim March" is what he calls it. In this video, he interviews Muslim men in Malmo, Sweden, a city the Muslims have turned into "New Somalia" in just 20 years. Prepare to be outraged, not so much by the attitudes of the Muslim layabouts, but by the willful blindness to reality of the Swedish woman who speaks in the second part of the video.

By the way... there's a commercial in there for a "Rebel Cruise". Sail the seas with Ezra and like-minded folks. Who knew? I'd be tempted to go, if only I didn't get seasick. I'm a great believer in terra firma; the more firmer, the less terror.

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