Friday, March 11, 2016

Blame dirty sex-ed! Toronto public schools lose 3500 students in year

At the beginning of the current school year, Walt reported that 1000s of parents were pulling their kids out of Ontario's "public" schools to keep them from being taught the benefits of homosexuality and other perversion in the "new, modernized" sex education curriculum being introduced by the province's Liberal government. See "Ontario's dirty sex ed curriculum going ahead. Worried parents scramble to get kids out", WWW 2/9/15.

The chattering classes poo-pooed the notion that a protest led by "religious nuts" and "homophobic immigrants" could have any impact. And the Liberal government of openly lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne -- pictured here in a classroom -- fought back, of course, with a lavishly funded advertising campaign which was quickly pulled in response to 1000s of dislikes and snide remarks in the social media. See "What do you think of the Ontario government's VIDEO promoting its new dirty sex-ed curriculum?", 1/10/15.

Parents As First Educators has led the charge to keep the secular humanists in Ontario's "Pink Palace" from brainwashing impressionable kids (as young as 6!) with their pro-LGBTQ2S, anti-religous "values". See "Stop shaming parents who balk at sex education in schools", WWW 21/9/15. And guess what? They're winning!

The war against teaching immorality in Ontario schools is far from over, but concerned parents have won a significant battle in Toronto, the font of all evil. This morning, the Chair of the Toronto District School Board conceded that the province's new sex-ed curriculum is largely to blame for declining enrolment. The megacity's "public" schools will have 3500 fewer students next year. As a result, the TDSB will cut 100 teaching positions and make other staff reductions.

In an interview on the CBC, Robin Pilkey said she believes about 2,500 of those are children being pulled from schools by parents upset with the new sex-ed curriculum, which came into force in the fall of 2015 amid widespread protest. The pro-queer curriculum teaches masturbation, "gender expression" and the "value of diversity" -- but not the difference between right and wrong.

Walt congratulates PAFE and all the others who dare to stand up for decency and the values set out by God in Holy Scripture. Keep fighting!

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