Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trump quality extends even to his sentences!

Thanks to Agent 34 for this little gem. But before we dismiss the Donald from our thoughts -- as if we could -- let us consider the wise words of Scott Adams on Mr. Trump's successful use of "strategic ambiguity", in Scott Adams' Blog, 1/3/16. Some may laugh at the Donald's way of "speaking", but it seems to be working!

Still talking Trump -- how could we not? -- I was thinking about writing about how dismayed I am to see the Republicans' so-called "debates" turning into pure trash talk [No oxymorons, please! Ed.], the kind of thing you would hear before an NFL game or a pro wrestling show. [Notice, Ed., that I didn't say "wrestling match".] Is this what American politics has come to? Is this "quality" of discourse what we expect from the putative leaders of the most powerful nation in the world?

As Michelle Malkin pointed out in "The 2016 GOP Debate Debacle", having "moderators" from the lamestream media doesn't help. But the real problem is American society itself. According to Andrew McCarthy, writing in the National Review, "A sick society breeds gutter politics". That, Mr. McCarthy says, makes Donald Trump the symptom, not the cause, of the culture rot with which the Excited States of America is rife.

When a once mighty oak is rotten to the core, or rotting from the core, what can you do to save it? I regret not having an answer for this very serious question. Do you? To leave a comment, from the landing page just click on the headline, and a new window will open, complete with comments box -- yours to use.

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